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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Pueblo City Park. I love this place.

Huge, open spaces for ornery, wild boys to run, tennis courts, a sweet playground & swings, a pool & kids carnival rides that open in the summer, a skate park, a beautiful, green golf course, frisbee golf, concession stands & concession workers who make yummy Sno-Kones and two ponds full of duckies [and occasionally some mean geese -- yikes!].

City Park also has plenty of benches to sit on, for pregnant, semi-bed-ridden, moms like me!

We try to bring Oliver a couple times a week [or anytime that daddy is off work during the daylight!] to burn off some of that almost-two-year-old energy. As soon as we pull up & park, Oliver is already working hard to unbuckle himself from his car seat & hop out!

I think the park is his favorite place in the world.

Oliver & Daddy usually spend a good 45 minutes on the playground equipment -- Going up & down the slides a thousand times, walking across the narrow bridge pass-ways and, of course, swinging!

I usually take a seat & enjoy the free entertainment & fresh air. And snap a few photos, too.

When the sun starts to fade, we drag Oliver away [sometimes kicking and screaming] from the playground & take a short walk around the pond to see the ducks. Oli loves the ducks and tries to hug each one. The ducks; however, don't seem to appreciate his sweet sentiment. The geese don't either.

walking mommy to the playground.

walking daddy to the slides.

counting ::  "1, 2, 3 ... GO!"

i love this photo.
even though i cut [most] of their heads off, 
you can still see Oliver's sweet smile as he goes down the slide
with his best bud, daddy.

i love his little face.

"a helicopter!"

Oliver's First Sno-Kone!

this means it's summer, right?!

"nobody touch my sno-kone."

"okay, daddy. i'll share with you."

he never gives smooches on the lips.
this was just like christmas morning for me.

always my baby.

a city park pond sunset.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Pregnant Body // 29 Weeks

     29 WEEKS!
April 9, 2014 - April 15, 2014

This week, our sweet Baby O is about the size of a butternut squash, weighing just over 2 pounds 8 ounces & measuring 15 inches in length. O's tiny baby muscles and lungs are still maturing so he'll be good & ready for the outside world. This trimester, the third trimester, is essential for his bone strength, so it's important that I keep throwing back the milk.


Thankful. I'm so thankful with each week that passes that my body was able to gestate Baby O just a little bit longer.

Anxious. With that above being said, I'm more than ready to meet this squirmy little butter-bean. I think [most] every woman hits that point in her pregnancy where she is just ready to be done. Ready to go back to feeling like a normal human, who doesn't have to wear elastic waist-ed jeans & pee twice for every 5 steps she take. I've hit that point.

Sleepless. Sleep is rough. Baby O is a future kick boxer & my bladder is the size of an extra small peanut.

Hungry. My appetite is crazy, but I can only eat so much at a time the bigger O grows.

Contractions. I have back contractions on the daily. Some day's are far worse than others.

April 9, 2014.

He loves his brother.

Monday, April 14, 2014

April In Colorado // A Snow Storm

I know, I know. It's Mid-April, people.

We're all ready to pack up those winter coats & release our shorty-shorts and tiny tanks from captivity.
And some of us have.
And some of us can't.

When Oliver & I woke from our afternoon nap yesterday, we were super-ultra surprised when we looked out of our window and saw the biggest, fluffiest snow flakes falling from the sky.

I was so surprised I may have let a few naughty words escape from my mouth, if you know what I mean.

After Oli begged & begged, unfairly -- with huge crocodile tears, I decided to put on my big-girl-pants, stop grumbling & let him prance around in the snow covered desert for a few minutes.

I'm so glad I did because he had the best 5 minutes of his little life & today the snow is nearly melted & God-Willing, we wont see anymore powder for several months.

Oliver's FIRST Snowball.

Snowing in the Desert.
Pueblo, Colorado.
April 13, 2014.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Simple Joys // Week 6

stunning sunsets. 80 degree weather. short park trips + father-son bonding + relaxing by the pond. seeing baby O & his perfect little features during our ultrasound. my silly oliver. open windows + sunshine. spring tress in full bloom. the first spring rain shower + puddle jumping. being 29 weeks pregnant.

future calvin klein model.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My High Risk Pregnancy // 28 Weeks

    28 WEEKS!
April 2, 2014 - April 8, 2014

We made it to the third trimester!!! Woohoo!! Baby O is now the size of a large eggplant, measuring nearly 15 inches from head to heel & weighing 2 pounds 8 ounces! In addition to packing on the fat, Baby O can now blink & may even be able to see little flutters of light from outside the womb.
** We were so lucky to see Baby O, again, yesterday. This precious boy is going to look just like his ornery Big Brother, Oliver.


** Besides [finally] getting a good look at Baby O's face, our appointment did not go too smoothly. My cervix has thinned back out, even thinner than before my cervical surgery. To clarify a bit -- In a normal pregnancy, the mothers cervix should still be at a 4. Before my cerclage, my cervix was already thinned out at a 2.8. A week after surgery, the cerclage had strengthened my cervix & was holding it firmly at a 3.2. Yesterday it was measuring at a 2.7. It's so discouraging & such a worry. Even though I cheated a bit on this last week of bed rest [after laying in bed for 3 weeks straight, depressed & overly emotional] my doctor said this thinning of the cervix is just naturally occurring in my body as the baby grows. He is getting too big for me to gestate. Her goal is for us to last 5 or 6 more weeks, to make it to 34 weeks. She said she would be surprised if we gestated past week 36. 

Guilty. My mom guilt has really taken over. For both of my boys. I feel like I'm missing out on so much stuff with our first born, Oliver -- Zoo Trips, Park Adventures ... And at the same time I feel so guilty for going to the park last week with Oliver & maybe causing this thinning to occur again.
** My doctor did say I could go to the park as long as Camron is there & I'm just sitting & watching. No activity.
I have a lot of wife guilt, too. Camron is dealing with all the little, stressful aspects of our life -- Bills & making sure they're paid on time, Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Cooking & he's always working 70 hours a week -- And he never complains. He's always reminding & saying, "I'm always going to take care of you." And I know he is & I adore him for that. I still feel guilty, like I'm not playing my part. I just can't wait to take care of him again -- and both of our boys.

Blessed & In Love. Nothing makes me happier than thinking about these two tiny humans Camron & I created together. Created from love. And nothing makes me love Camron more than thinking about the two tiny humans we created together. I am so, so excited to have them both here & healthy! I cannot wait to watch them grow together.

April 2, 2014.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

City Park // Father + Son Bonding.

Every night I lay in bed reminiscing the days happenings, and every night I feel as if my heart could burst open.

Each day is a new gift given.

The gift of a little boy's contagious laughter, his hypnotic eyes & porcelain cheeks.

The gift of an amazing father & companion. One who's love is unparalleled, completely sustaining every fiber inside of me.

Each day is a new gift given to remind us how overwhelmingly rich we already are.

I wrote the above over a year ago, last March, and those words have never seemed more appropriate than now.
Last evening, I was lucky enough to accompany these two outrageously handsome fellas of mine to the park & capture them and all their ornery, rock throwing, slide winding boyish ways in action.