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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Pregnant Body // 30 Weeks

April 16, 2014 - April 22, 2014.

Sweet little O weighs a good 3 pounds & is measuring close to 16 inches this week! Thank goodness for a growing babe! At this stage in the game, it is possible [but considering genetics, not likely with any child of mine] that O has a full head of hair! Hopefully red & curly like Daddy & Big Brother!


Super-Ultra Uncomfortable. This has, by far, been my most uncomfortable week. Ever. In my whole life. Baby O is growing out of control & I'm running out/have already ran out of room to house the little fella. My ribs feel shattered, I can't sit or lay in a cozy, breathing friendly position & my tailbone & right hip hurt so badly at times it's hard to get up and walk. I also just want to hang out naked all day, as I feel none of my clothes, even my loosest tanks & pajama shorts, give my gargantuan belly enough breathing room. I'm definitely ready for the next few weeks to pass quickly so this big boy can make his grand entrance!

** And can we just note the fact that I can't even take a nice, hot bubble bath to relax my muscles. Doctors Orders -- It could start labor. So I settle for a couple [short] hot showers every day. 

Unattractive. I so badly want to be one of those pregnant women who are always saying how gorgeous and beautiful pregnancy made/makes them feel. I'm over here like, "NO, NO, NO. Nothing attractive about my beach ball belly, huge ass & swollen cheeks & feet." I feel sympathy for my poor husband who works 70 hours a week & then comes home to a wife with a giant belly, wearing no make up & yoga pants & who isn't even allowed to have sex -- haven't been able to for the last 7 weeks! Not that anything in that last sentence [no make up, yoga pants, beach ball belly] would even be the slightest bit of a turn on. Plus, pregnant sex can just be super awkward. But, hey -- On the bright side, I still brush my teeth every morning & every night, so at least I don't have smelly breath to top it all off.

Did I mention how swollen I am? Face, feet, gums... [literally, the gums in my mouth are swollen.]

Sleepless. Like every other pregnant woman 10 weeks away from complete gestation, my bladder is being squished & kicked & punched [on purpose, I'm sure..] all day & night. You don't even understand the amount of toilet paper we use in this household. So, of course my sleep is less than glorious. I pee like 5/6 times a night. Plus, I have some gnarly night sweats. Sexy, I know.

Chips. All I want/crave are Lays Original Potato Chips. Seriously, I ate so many the salt burned a layer off the tip of my tongue. Needless to say, I quit eating them. Humph.

I miss coffee. Caffeinated Coffee. There is no point in drinking DeCaf. None.

Grateful. Even after all the negatives I just mentioned above, beach ball belly, no sex, so much pee & gnarly night sweats, I am so grateful for the gift of life. So grateful that, out of love, Camron & I were able to create another healthy, beautiful baby boy together. 

Now, what do y'all know about vasectomy's?!
I'm serious.

30 weeks.

30 weeks + 4 days.
Easter Sunday.
Garden of the Gods, Colorado.

30 weeks + 4 days.
Easter Sunday.
Garden of the Gods, Colorado.
Also the only picture of the two of us from this pregnancy.
Because, hello! I'm ginormous.

He likes to nap as close as possible to his baby. :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

[EASTER] Garden of the Gods

Being two Colorado Transplants from Kansas & Indiana, Easter for us yesterday wasn't a big family affair. Camron, luckily, did have the entire day off work & the weather was spectacular so we decided to pack up Little Blue [our car!] and head North a ways to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods is crazy in so many different ways. So much natural beauty & wildlife, not to mention this "garden" is so vast & gnarly there is always something new to explore.

It's also great for people who can't do a ton of walking or hiking. There are so many different pull-off's with magnificent mountain views that if you really don't want to step foot out of your motor-vehicle, you don't have to.

But you should.
You should definitely get out and walk around, even for just a bit.

Yesterday, we didn't [weren't able] to go on any major hikes -- Hi, I'm still sorta-pregnant -- But we wondered around on & off the beaten path for quite a while, taking in all the fresh mountain air we've been missing.

It was so fun to see how much Oliver has changed in the past 5 months, since we last visited the garden. He was so interactive & interested in everything going on. All the rocks & sticks & creatures running around. He did a wonderful job walking beside mom & dad, just holding our hands & when it came time for our little trek up the wooden steps, he did it all by himself!

I just love that he loves nature & little [and big] adventures.

30 weeks + 4 days!

SO excited!

Walter boys are the most ornery.

and the cutest!

He took one little tumble,
we all laughed.


off the beaten path.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Pueblo City Park. I love this place.

Huge, open spaces for ornery, wild boys to run, tennis courts, a sweet playground & swings, a pool & kids carnival rides that open in the summer, a skate park, a beautiful, green golf course, frisbee golf, concession stands & concession workers who make yummy Sno-Kones and two ponds full of duckies [and occasionally some mean geese -- yikes!].

City Park also has plenty of benches to sit on, for pregnant, semi-bed-ridden, moms like me!

We try to bring Oliver a couple times a week [or anytime that daddy is off work during the daylight!] to burn off some of that almost-two-year-old energy. As soon as we pull up & park, Oliver is already working hard to unbuckle himself from his car seat & hop out!

I think the park is his favorite place in the world.

Oliver & Daddy usually spend a good 45 minutes on the playground equipment -- Going up & down the slides a thousand times, walking across the narrow bridge pass-ways and, of course, swinging!

I usually take a seat & enjoy the free entertainment & fresh air. And snap a few photos, too.

When the sun starts to fade, we drag Oliver away [sometimes kicking and screaming] from the playground & take a short walk around the pond to see the ducks. Oli loves the ducks and tries to hug each one. The ducks; however, don't seem to appreciate his sweet sentiment. The geese don't either.

walking mommy to the playground.

walking daddy to the slides.

counting ::  "1, 2, 3 ... GO!"

i love this photo.
even though i cut [most] of their heads off, 
you can still see Oliver's sweet smile as he goes down the slide
with his best bud, daddy.

i love his little face.

"a helicopter!"

Oliver's First Sno-Kone!

this means it's summer, right?!

"nobody touch my sno-kone."

"okay, daddy. i'll share with you."

he never gives smooches on the lips.
this was just like christmas morning for me.

always my baby.

a city park pond sunset.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Pregnant Body // 29 Weeks

     29 WEEKS!
April 9, 2014 - April 15, 2014

This week, our sweet Baby O is about the size of a butternut squash, weighing just over 2 pounds 8 ounces & measuring 15 inches in length. O's tiny baby muscles and lungs are still maturing so he'll be good & ready for the outside world. This trimester, the third trimester, is essential for his bone strength, so it's important that I keep throwing back the milk.


Thankful. I'm so thankful with each week that passes that my body was able to gestate Baby O just a little bit longer.

Anxious. With that above being said, I'm more than ready to meet this squirmy little butter-bean. I think [most] every woman hits that point in her pregnancy where she is just ready to be done. Ready to go back to feeling like a normal human, who doesn't have to wear elastic waist-ed jeans & pee twice for every 5 steps she take. I've hit that point.

Sleepless. Sleep is rough. Baby O is a future kick boxer & my bladder is the size of an extra small peanut.

Hungry. My appetite is crazy, but I can only eat so much at a time the bigger O grows.

Contractions. I have back contractions on the daily. Some day's are far worse than others.

April 9, 2014.

He loves his brother.