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Friday, August 1, 2014

A Walter Family Update

Hey, Everyone!

Y'all have probably noticed my blog has been awfully quiet these last 7 weeks. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you know we've been so super busy!

Baby O, also known as Owen Lee has arrived! Yay!!
Sweet Owen was born on June 27, at 40 Weeks + 2 Days. He weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces & was 21 inches of perfection.
[birth story coming soon.]

Two Weeks after Owen arrived, my husband's job was transferred from Pueblo, Colorado to Hays, Kansas. A week later we were on the road.
The [little] boys and I headed to Wichita to stay with my parents while Camron went straight to Hays to start work at his new location & find us a house to rent for our stay.
Our family was split up for close to two weeks. It was long & hard.
I feel really emotional about the whole ordeal, really. Mostly emotional about Owen & his sweet time as a newborn being "overshadowed"..
When Oliver was born we were able to savor his newborn-hood with hours of cuddling & bonding. It's been so much different this time around. I wasn't able to love on my Owen Lee the way I would like or enjoy skin-to-skin as much as I would have preferred this first month of his precious life. I honestly feel so deeply heartbroken over the little amount of time we lost while we were moving, but -- as of yesterday, our family of four is reunited & in our little, old [new to us?] house & we're savoring our togetherness now.


  1. beautiful pictures and congratulations on your healthy baby boy. I've been checking in and really concerned about the status of the new arrival. So glad everything is back in place and your sweet family is back on track. Congratulations to Oliver being a big brother!!

  2. Congratulations on your 2nd son! He's gorgeous! Good luck in your new location.